Contact Lens Types and Benefits

All about Contact Lenses – Types and Benefits

Contact lenses are a good alternative to wearing eyeglasses regularly. Anyone can start wearing contact lenses after getting their eyes checked by an experienced Eye care Professional (ECP). Wearing contact lenses can be a welcome change, but is it more convenient than wearing eyeglasses? You will learn a little more about contact lenses, and understand…

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Trending Sunglasses

Trending Sunglasses that You Need to Know

With the summer heat in full swing, it is time to get your sunglasses out of hibernation. Unfortunately, some of the sunglass styles you have, might not be in trend anymore. So, before purchasing new fashionable, stylish and trendy eyeglasses, read the information provided here regarding the latest trending sunglasses for 2023. We will also…

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Computer lenses

What are zero-power glasses for computers?

What are zero power glasses? Zero power glasses also known as Plano Spectacles are spectacles with no corrective power.  These are widely used as protective glasses to shield the eyes from wind and dust.  People with contact lenses often use them for additional protection over contact lenses when they go outdoors.  People with eye dryness…

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blue-cut lens

Top 5 Pros and Cons of Blue-Cut Lenses

What Are Blue Cut Lens? Blue Cut lens helps limit the amount of blue light that reaches your eyes. So if you prefer good sleep and focus, this is a good option. As a unique technical advancement in the eyeglasses industry, blue-cut lenses feature a coating that limits blue light.  What Is Blue Light? While…

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Prism Glasses

What are Prism Glasses? Do you need them

What are Prism Glasses? Prism glasses are usually used by people who experience double vision due to eye movement problems like strabismus. A head injury, stroke, or diabetes can also lead to nerve damage or muscle weakness. Prism glasses are made with specially designed prism lenses that bend (or refract) light entering the eyes so…

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styles of glasses

WHAT GLASSES MAKE YOU LOOK YOUNGER There are a lot of reasons why people wear glasses, like for aiding and correcting vision as well as for aesthetic reasons. However, some people refuse to wear eyeglasses, fearing they would look older than their age.  But do you know? Right glasses can actually enhance your overall appearance.…

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Tortoise Shell Glasses

Tortoise Shell Glasses for Men and Women

Tortoise shell glasses are chic, elegant, and classic styles that have been around for decades. This trend becomes popular every few years, but its popularity in the 50s and the sixties has made it synonymous with retro-chic and hipster culture.  Among the earliest materials used to make spectacles, real sea turtle shells inspire the colour…

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contact lens

Contact Lens – All you need to know

What are contact lenses? Contact lens are medical devices prescribed by eye care practitioners to correct vision. These are made of a thin plastic that has been modified into a curved shape to cover the eye’s surface. Although they are mostly clear, contact lenses are provided with a slight tinge of color to reduce the…

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A Complete Guide on Wearing Contact Lens

Did you know that contact lenses are the second-most widely used corrective vision accessory and can be worn by almost anyone with a healthy eye? Did you also know that different contacts are specifically designed for different situations or personal preferences? Contact lenses give a fresh look to your eyes by changing their colour and…

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contact lenses vs glasses

Contact lenses vs Glasses: The Debate

Introduction Contact lenses vs glasses – which one is the better of the two? Well, it mostly depends on personal preferences. There are many factors that you must consider before reaching any conclusion. For instance, you should consider your lifestyle, convenience, comfort, budget, and many other factors in your decision-making process. Both contact lenses and…

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eye vision

What is perfect eye vision

Perfect Vision, Visual Acuity, and 20/20 Vision – What’s The Difference? Do you know what is perfect eye vision? Well, before this, you must understand the difference between eyesight, visual acuity, and vision. Because only then will you understand the vision measurements like 6/6 or 20/20 vision. Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss the…

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Yellow Round Sunglasses

Polarized vs. Non-polarized Sunglasses – Which one is better?

Introduction Do you often find yourself squinting a lot even while wearing your sunglasses? Then you should consider investing in polarized glasses also known as Polarized or Polarised sunglasses. You must be wondering what are polarized sunglasses? What is the difference between polarized and non-polarized glasses? Do polarized sunglasses look different? Are polarized sunglasses better?…

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man holding a photochromic lenses

Photochromic lenses: Why do you need them

 Introduction Are you planning to purchase a pair of photochromic lenses? Well, before purchasing a pair of photochromic lenses, you must go through the detailed information about them that we are going to discuss in this blog. In this blog, you will provide all the necessary information about photochromic lenses, including: – What are photochromic…

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Hand With Bifocal Lenses

Focus On The Task At Hand With Bifocal Lenses

Like any other organ and its gradual progression over the years, our eyes are also bound to experience various issues that can cause many problems in vision and perception. For example, one needs separate focusing powers for distance and near with age.  Those who don’t need powered spectacles for distance may require them for reading…

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Anti Glare Glasses

What you need to know about Anti-Glare glasses

What are Anti-Glare Glasses? Anti-glare glasses are commonly used but misunderstood among spectacle users and optical salespeople.  The actual word is anti-reflective glasses.   Glare is a broad subject. Any unwanted or excess light that hampers normal vision can be loosely categorized as Glare. Different sources can create different types of glare. Anti-reflective glasses are useful…

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4 Secrets

4 Secret

The new normal has a lot of new things for all of us. While most of us are gradually moving from work-from-home to attending regular office and shops, our children are waking up to the reality of spending a great deal of their academic year in front of screens. Indeed, online education is the new…

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BLue Light

Blue Light Filter Glasses – Help Safeguarding Your Eyes From Harmful Effects

What are Blue Light Filter Glasses? Being busy with smartphones and digital computers has become a new normal these days for everyone. But along with offering the best personal and professional experiences, gadgets radiations are drastically affecting lifestyles, which the experts fear can become a serious concern. Fortunately, we have blue light filtering lenses for…

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Unbiased compilation of opinions of groups of authorities regarding the use of contact lenses duding the COVID-19 pandemic.

There seems to be a barrage of information related to practically every aspect of our lives which may somehow be related to COVID-19. As expected, there are some opinions about Contact Lens use during the pandemic as well. There are some conflicting news items, parts of which exaggerated by excited “news-makers”. We narrow down to opinions of…

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power up

Power up your sunglasses

Do you feel left out of not being able to sport stylish sunglasses like your friends because of your spectacle numbers? Power sunglasses are here to solve your purpose very efficiently. Everyone loves wearing sunglasses to add some style, but sadly, people who use power specs feel deprived of wearing fashionable sunglasses due to their…

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5 Insta Famous Eyewear to check at RKumar store this week.

5 Instagram-Famous Eyewear to check at RKumar store this week.

MINIMALIST EXTRAORDINARY FROM LINGBERG Steeped in the Danish design philosophy of discreet, classic elegance LINDBERG eyewear is a statement to the world that you are a connoisseur of clean aesthetics, technical superiority and finest materials. The impeccable craftsmanship of each individually serial numbered frame from Denmark is a joy for the wearer and the beholder. This super-light…

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