Wearing glasses for all occasions can be a little boring and sometimes inconvenient, especially when celebrating life events or essential milestones in life. Contact lenses are often a great replacement for glasses. Contact lenses are not only a cosmetic but also a great mode to correct your vision. At R. Kumar Opticians, you can buy contact lenses that are scientifically dispensed to correct your vision along with the cosmetic advantage.

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What are contact lenses?

Very simplistically put Contact lenses are thin transparent disks made of plastic that floats on the tear film of your eyes. In some cases, they may support the cornea of the eye to optimise vision correction. These are the first choice for people who need vision correction but are averse to wearing spectacles.They provide flexibility and convenience to the wearers. The best part is that today you can choose more than one type of contact lens for your eyes to accomplish your various needs and purposes.

Wearing contact lenses, in general, has a lot of benefits and you can get them when you buy your pair of contact lenses from R. Kumar Opticians.

A Variety of Contact Lenses Available
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Various contact lenses can be used according to the user’s needs and requirements. Since they are made of plastic, the two most commonly known are rigid lenses and soft lenses. Some prevalent lens types available at R. Kumar Opticians are as follows:

Soft Contact Lenses

The most common type of lenses that are prescribed by our ECP are soft lenses. These contact lenses are made out of water and other materials, which makes them soft, flexible, and allows oxygen to reach the surface of the eye. Soft contact lenses are also helpful in correcting vision issues like farsightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism with many. The subtypes within the soft lenses category are mentioned below:

Aspherical Contact Lenses –These reduce aberrations and enhance vision,thus, ensuring your eyes can see better.

Toric Contact Lenses – Toric contact lenses are helpful for people who have astigmatism or cylinder numbers

UV Protection Contact Lenses – UV protection contact lenses are similar to standard contact lenses. However, they have added protection from UV rays.

Colored Eye Contact Lens – Colored contact lenses are a great way to instantly change the color of eyes and create a look that is either bold or subtle or a mix of both. These can be worn for a special occasion. A few colored contact lenses are wearable according to your need or purpose, used to either provide an edge to their personality or portray a character. These can be without numbers for cosmetic purposes alone or with power to give you the aesthetic advantage along with vision correction.

Modality of Power Contact Lenses –  Our qualified eye care professionals prescribe these contact lenses with power to help you have good vision and replace wearing glasses regularly. If you cannot wear glasses regularly due to your work field, wearing a power lens for the eyes is a good idea.

Based on disposability, there are the following types of contact lenses available:
Daily | Bi-weekly Monthly, | and | Yearly (least prefered)

The contact lenses mentioned above are used every day, every 15 days (bi-weekly) every month, and every year whenever necessary. At R. Kumar Opticians, all contact lenses are provided with a complimentary session on proper care and maintenance of contact lenses.

Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

These types of lenses help the wearer having vision problems with the clearest vision. As rigid gas permeable lenses are more lasting than soft lenses. Technically, they allow more oxygen to pass through the eyes.

These contact lenses should ideally be removed at the end of the day, cleaned and placed in a contact lens solution to disinfect them. This is of utmost importance for health and hygiene of the eyes. Eye Care Professionals at R. Kumar Opticians always provide a list of guidelines that you can follow to continually give your eyes some time to adjust to the rigid gas permeable lenses.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Contact Lenses

Although contact lenses are a straightforward and healthy method of correcting your vision, you need to consider a few crucial points before wearing contact lenses. It is also essential since getting adjusted to wearing lenses requires some time and patience for better handling.

  • Wearing contact lenses provides a clear field of vision, but they also require regular maintenance for proper usage.
  • Contact lenses can correct any refractive errors. However, they may take time for adjustment in case of rigid lenses or if your eyes are very sensitive
  • An active lifestyle supports the regular use of contact lenses, but they may need to be removed and cleaned in case dirt, or particles get into the eyes.
  • Contact lenses provide clear vision during inclement weather. However, showering or swimming should be avoided while wearing contact lenses.

Choosing the best contact lenses

Opting for contact lenses can be quite confusing for you as a first-timer since there is more than one type of contact lenses and many varieties of lenses within the main two types of lenses. So here is a little bit of help for you to know how to choose the best contact lenses for yourself.

R.Kumar Opticians, the best eyewear retailer in India provides you with a high level of comfort with the appropriate material and lens wearing modality of the lenses. Due to the affordable price, contact lenses can be a good choice for your needs. Here are a few of the best contact lens brands available in India that you can buy from our well-equipped from our valued customers:

  • Bausch & Lomb
  • Freshlook
  • Acuvue by Johnson and Johnson
  • Alcon
  • Cooper Vision

The purchase of online contact lenses in India can be misleading.  Most online sellers do not have any consultative feature to help you choose the right lenses for your eyes.  Moreover, lack of online measurement of eye parameters makes online selling of contact lenses unscientific and can lead to detrimental results for the vision and health of the eyes. It is best to consult an ECP and discuss the lifestyle requirements before purchasing any kind of contact lenses. The fact that an ECP is always available to help you in case of any eventuality is an added bonus and reassurance especially when it comes to adopting anything new for something as precious and delicate like your eyes.

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Cost of Contact Lens in India

There is more than one option for contact lenses in India due to the advancements in technology. Due to this, the choices to buy contact lenses are innumerable. Therefore, whatever your needs and requirements are, it is essential to make sure that you make the best choice for yourself.

Walk into R. Kumar Opticians any day to find the lenses you are looking for from the various brands available at any of our showrooms.


How long can you wear contact lenses in a day?

The duration of wearing contact lenses in a day is based on the variety of lenses you are wearing. It also depends on any vision issues you are suffering from, e.g., dry or sensitive eyes. Lenses, in any case, can be worn from 4 to 18 hours a day, depending on the type of lenses you choose. 

Are contact lenses better than glasses?

Contact lenses can be better when compared to glasses in some cases as they are placed on the eye directly and allow for clear vision and free participation in sports and outdoor activities. Since there is no restriction of a spectacle rim or edge of lenses, they allow unrestricted natural vision.  However, the key to success here is appropriate fitting of lenses by a qualified and experienced ECP.

What are the most comfortable contact lenses?

The most comfortable contact lenses are the daily disposable lenses since they are replaced after each use.  There is rarely any requirement of a solution or any other lens care chemicals.  Since you use a fresh pair of lenses each time, there are hardly any chances of allergies and infections. In addition, the materials used to create contact lenses also allow oxygen to pass through the cornea and adapt faster. 

Can I wash my face with contacts on?

It is advised not to wash your face with the contacts since tap water could cause damage to the lenses.  However, if you must, you can wash the face with eyes tightly shut and using minimal soap and water around the eyes.

Does wearing contacts improve your vision?

Contact lenses are an excellent idea for anyone having vision issues, and it does help in improving your vision to an extent in case