Eyeglass chains were once considered to be related to librarians, strict mothers, and fathers. However, these chains have now become big in fashion, with designers reworking them to appear more fashionable with accents and designs. So not only are your frames always with you, but they become an eye-catching accessory to match your everyday outfits.


From old-school to fashion-forward, eyeglass chains have upgraded with designers’ help and updated designs for the current age. The variations in designs, styles, and materials make it a must for your eyewear.

Types of Eyewear Chains

More than one type of eyewear chain is available instead of the old dark unimpressive shades of spectacle chains that wear a part of a strict librarians outfit. The updated designs on the eyewear chains come with various designs like beads, colors, chunky links, tortoiseshell designs, and many more. Check out our website to find out the best eyeglass chains available to suit your favorite pair of eyewear.

1. Metallic Chains

Metallic chains in gold, silver, gunmetal colors are a perfect addition to add a bit of glamour to your eyewear. Add them to your regular eyewear or your sunglasses to make them look a little more exciting and make them stand out among other eyewear users. Also, using a gold or silver spectacle chain is a good idea for someone starting out wearing specs strings as it provides understated elegance to your eyewear or sunglasses. Like gold eyewear chains, silver eyewear chains can be added to any eyewear to make it stand out among other eyewear users. These silver or gold eyewear chains are also a great way to add a graceful appearance to any outfit you are wearing.

2. Textile Eyewear Chains

Textile eyewear chains are made of fabric and are available in a variety of colors and patterns. These textile eyewear chains are interchangeable and can be worn in pairing with the color of the outfit you are wearing. In addition, it is easy to clean and maintain due to its washable properties.

3. Nylon Eyeglass Straps

These nylon eyeglass straps are a low-key addition for any eyewear in more than one color and numerous designs and styles. Due to the adjustability factor, it is quite popular and is usable for a long time without the risk of damage or stains. Additionally, sunglasses with sunglasses chains are an excellent method to add some fun to your day trips while protecting your eyes from harsh sun rays.

4. Beaded Eyeglass Chains

Beaded eyeglass chains are a fun distraction from the usual plain designs for eyeglass chains. There is a lot of variety in beaded eyeglass chains, and it is a fun yet quirky addition to any of your eyeglasses. There are many options to choose from. You can rush to R. Kumar Opticians to buy your choice of eyewear chains, including design beads.

5. Acetate Eyeglass Chains

Eyeglass chains made of acetate plastic are an excellent choice for people looking to add a bold, colorful or classy vintage touch to their eyewear. The variety in the colors and acetate designs make it a perfect choice for all types of outfits For the environmentally conscious, R. Kumar has a complete range of biodegradable plastic Acetate chains under the brand name Hook-up. Hook-up offers subtle to bold shapes in bright and classic colors to mix and match and create your statement with eyewear chains. All Hook-up chains also have hooks that can be used to attach to face masks and use as mask-chains.

Best glasses neck chain

To choose the best glasses neck chain, you need to consider the following points and price factors. It ensures that you get the best value for your favorite eyeglass chain.

  1. Good quality eyeglass chain material will be long-lasting and be usable for a long time.
  2. The color variety is helpful since you can change the eyeglass chains as per your outfit for the day or occasion.
  3. Any eyeglass chain should be value for money as you would use it for a long time.
  4. The price of eyeglass chains depends on the material and brand you are buying.

At R. Kumar Opticians, you can find the best quality eyeglass chains from more than one brand.

Eyewear with stylish glasses chains is coming back in fashion. With the variety of designs available for you, it is an excellent time to visit R. Kumar Opticians for the latest designs for specs with chain.


Are eyeglass chains in style?

Eyeglass chains once associated with old ladies and vintage style have returned in the current age due to the upgrades given to eyewear brands and designers. In addition, the variety in materials, designs, and styles have made it an attractive accessory for your boring eyewear.

What is the use of eyewear chains?

Eyewear chains are a good idea for people who tend to lose their spectacles or sunglasses at random places. Using an eyewear chain is a fun way to add style and functionality to keep your eyewear at hand whenever you need it.

What are the best eyeglass chains available in India?

The best eyeglass chains available in India are a brand called Hook-up.  These are probably the only brand in eyewear accessories that focuses on spectacle retainers, aka spectacle and sunglasses chains, cords, bands, and straps. At R. Kumar Opticians, you can find different eyeglass chains as per your choices and preferences. 

How do you put a mask on a glasses chain?

Putting a mask on a glasses chain is possible when you utilize the clips, hooks, or other related hardware that allows the mask to attach to the eyeglass chain. Alternatively, you can use the straps of the mask to connect the eyeglass chain.

How long should an eyeglass chain be?

Eyeglass chains are usually of three different lengths. The standard size of eyeglass chains is 30 inches. However, the size can vary from 24 to 34 inches. The size depends on the length of the eyeglass chain you are comfortable with. It also depends on the way it lays on your face and around your neck. The eyeglass chain sizes range from extra short to extra-long, and the most common size range from 28 inches to 30 inches.  Hook-up acetate chains come with detachable acetate links to shorten the length if required for a petite face.