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R. Kumar Opticians Ashram Road, Ahmedabad

Eyes are precious and they need to have some protection from a lot of natural and artificial causes. If there are issues that are affecting your eyes, it might be time for a visit to the nearest optician to get a check-up done. Although R. Kumar Opticians has multiple showrooms in various locations of Ahmedabad, are known as the best opticians. If you live near or around Ashram Road, Navrangpura, Naranpura, Ranip, or the Old City of Ahmedabad, here are a few reasons why you should visit R. Kumar Opticians.

R. Kumar Opticians have experience of nearly 60 years. The showroom at Ashram Road has spectacle frames, sunglasses, and contact lenses for every budget range. The staff is well-versed about the types of eyewear available in the showroom and can also provide adequate information to provide you with the best frames, contact lenses, sunglasses, and other related eyewear.

While at the store, you will receive assistance and recommendation from the Eye Care Professionals while getting the perfect pair of sunglasses,  the spectacle frames, and optical lenses that will best suit your numbers, work, lifestyle, and aesthetics lenses the best. To top that, the showroom also houses an Optometric clinic equipped with the most advanced vision testing devices and experienced Optometrists to assess the most accurate vision correction for your eyes.  The clinic is also among the plushest contact lens clinics specializing in dispensing the world’s leading contact lens brands.

R. Kumar is also known for its great after-sales and customer service, having been awarded for its excellence in customer service by Zeiss You & Eye Awards.

R. Kumar Opticians is a well-known and established brand among the numerous optical showrooms in Ahmedabad especially known for their flagship showroom at Ashram Road. Other than the Ashram Road branch, they have showrooms at C G Road, Satellite, Vastrapur, and Sabarmati-Gandhinagar Road (Motera-Chandkheda). The experienced, knowledgeable, and courteous eye care professional at each showroom makes it possible for all the customers to find the best eyewear or contact lenses as per their needs and requirements.

With R. Kumar Opticians and their experienced staff, you will always get the best solutions for your spectacles, sunglasses, and contact lenses. The showroom provides glasses, frames, and other eyewear for men, women, and children.

At all of R. Kumar Opticians, the staff provides you with not only the best quality eyewear and contact lenses but also makes sure that the following services are provided to you:

  •  Helping customers in picking the right glasses

For first-time customers, it is a little challenging to choose the best pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses. However, with the expertise and knowledge that the Eye Care Professionals at R. Kumar Opticians at Ashram Road have, it will be effortless to choose the best pair of spectacles suitable for your personal and professional needs.

  •  Measuring pupillary distance

Pupillary distance is the space between the pupils of your eyes, knowing which would help you while buying eyeglasses. The eyeglasses’ optical center should be lined up with the center of your eyeglasses and the pupil of your eyes. There are two types of pupillary measurements that our ECP carries out to prescribe eyeglasses for the customers.

1)    Monocular PD is helpful for the exact measurement in the case of progressive lenses.

2)    Binocular PD is the distance between the pupil of both the left and right eye.

  • Advanced Eyewear Measurements

With advanced technologies like VisiOffice, EyeRuler, Opticam, etc Optometrists at R. Kumar measure frame parameters, lens fitting height, wrap angle of the frame, pupillary distance, vertex distance, eye-rotation center, etc using cutting edge, sophisticated digital instruments to customize spectacles for precision and comfort.


  • Customized processing and dispensing of Spectacles as per the individual prescription

With high-tech laboratories of brands like Essilor, Crizal, Varilux, Zeiss, Nikon, Hoya, Transitions, Shamir, Nova that can create the best lenses for your prescription eyewear, R. Kumar Opticians is dedicated to finding and processing the most accurate prescription (spectacle numbered) lenses in plastic, polycarbonate, trivex, and glass according to your lifestyle needs.

  •  Fixing broken frames

There have been times when you accidentally dropped your eyeglasses or ended up sitting on them while searching for them. R. Kumar Opticians provides you with the option to get your misaligned and crooked frames repaired. With purchasing your prescription eyewear, R. Kumar Opticians will repair them within the warranty period free of cost.

  • Teaching customers about maintaining glasses

After purchasing the eyeglasses, it is necessary to ensure they are kept in reasonable condition. With the help of a cleaning solution and soft cloth, eyeglasses can be kept in good condition for a long time. We at R. Kumar Opticians do it by informing the customer about the proper way of cleaning and maintaining eyeglasses for long-term usage.  

  • Suggesting glasses as per customer occupation/requirement

There are many occupations wherein customers need to wear eyeglasses specialized for their field of work. For example, people working with screens for long hours need eyeglasses to filter out harmful light and reduce strain and headaches. In addition, some eyeglasses for active people involved in sports are provided with glasses that filter out harmful UVA and UVB rays.

If you need any eyewear, Contact R. Kumar Opticians or walk into the Ashram Road showroom to know more.


When you feel that your vision is having trouble seeing objects at a distance or understanding words, that is the time to visit an eye optician. R. Kumar Opticians has well equipped state-of-the-art vision and contact lens clinic with qualified and experienced optometrists at Ashram Road and their other branches.

If you reside near Ashram Road, the time taken for the opticians near you to deliver glasses depends on how far your residence is from the opticians in Ashram Road. However, you can rush to R. Kumar Opticians if you don’t find any good or reliable optical showroom near you at Ashram Road.

Usually, the warranty period for the frames sold by the opticians is around a year. This warranty period allows you to get your frames replaced only in case of accidental damage. Contact R. Kumar to know more about their product warranty terms and conditions. 

All kinds of international and Indian brands are available at the R. Kumar Opticians Ashram Road showroom. Some examples are Oakley, Ray-Ban, Tommy Hilfiger, Idee, and Fast Track, which you can avail yourself of from R. Kumar, the best and reliable  Opticians in Ashram Road.  R. Kumar carries a large variety of International Premium, Luxury, and Designer Sunglasses and Spectacle frames from top brands like Gucci, Dolce, and Gabbana, Prada, Bvlgari, Burberry among others.

The average cost of eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses depends on the customer’s brand and the type of protection needed for the customer’s eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses.

R. Kumar Opticians take about a week to manufacture new spectacles. However, depending on the type of protection needed by the customer, the manufacturing time may exceed a bit.

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