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Brown Glasses

The history of sunglasses can be traced back to prehistoric ages when the native people of Alaska wore glasses made of walrus ivory to shield their eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Roman emperor Nero was said to have watched gladiator fights through polished gems, and ancient records have revealed the use of smoky quartz glasses by court officials in 12th century China while interrogating witnesses. Later in 1752, James Ayscough, an English optician, designer of scientific instruments by profession, began experiments by placing tinted lenses in spectacles. He believed that blue or green-tinted glasses could be helpful in the correction of some visual impairments.

CHAPTER 1 - Introduction to Sunglasses

Aviator Sunglasses

Around the 1900s, sunglasses became even more popular among celebrities in Hollywood. However, the first mass-produced, low-cost sunglasses was in 1929, with Sam Foster selling them in Atlantic City, New Jersey under the brand name of Foster Grant, and these were created to protect the wearer’s eyes from the sun rays. Then, in 1936, Edwin H. Land used his patented polaroid filter to make sunglasses.

Sunglasses played a vital role during the Second World War, especially when Ray-Ban created aviator-style sunglasses with anti-glare and polarization filters. This style of sunglasses then became popular with celebrities and people in 1937, when they began to be sold to the public. In current times,  sunglasses with UV protection are the norm, with various tints for sunglasses and sunglass styles that change every year.

What are sunglasses?

Sunglasses are protective eyewear created to help in protecting the eyes from bright sunlight or high-energy visible light.

What is the difference between sunglasses and goggles?

A sunglass helps shade the eyes from extremely bright light, made with either plastic or metal frames and two lenses darkened to eliminate too much light. These can be made with or without a prescription to help vision correction. On the other hand, goggles aid in protecting the eyes from external irritants like dust, debris, water, or any other substance that can cause harm to the eyes.
These goggles come with a strap that can be fastened around a person’s head. Since they fit close to the eyes, they often create a sealed barrier. Therefore, there is no major difference between sunglasses and goggles, except for the previously mentioned differences.

What is the difference between sunglasses and shades

The difference between sunglasses and shades is in the way it is said. Shades are an informal way of talking about sunglasses. Depending on the individual’s situation, they can say shades or sunglasses. Since both words denote the same thing, both terms can discuss sunglasses.

Why do blind people wear sunglasses?

Although a significant number of legally blind people have some degree of vision, wearing a pair of sunglasses aids blind people in protecting them from extremely bright lights or foreign objects. Additionally, blind individuals might feel uncomfortable showing their eyes to people or communicating much more comfortably while wearing sunglasses.

What are sunglasses made of?

Sunglasses are made with a pair of light-filtering lenses and a frame that prevents them from moving around. Some Sunglass styles have a single-one piece sheild-like mask lens. Lenses for sunglasses are made of high-quality colorized plastic or glass. Due to the optical accuracy of the lenses, there is no distortion when viewing objects or shapes. An emerging category of sunglasses incorporate lenses with light polarization technology to cut out unwanted, disturbing glare caused by reflection from polished surfaces like glass facades and surfaces of roads, sea and snow.

What is the meaning of the sunglasses category?

Sunglasses are divided by category based on visible light being transmitted. Depending on the VLT level, there are different categories from zero to four. Category zero sunglasses have none or minimal tint. Category one has a light tint on the lens of the sunglasses, categories two and three provide medium to dark tint on the sunglasses. Finally, the category four lens of the sunglasses has a very dark tint that allows only three to eight percent of light to pass through. These categories are usually referred to for the level of light absorption capacity of lenses in Europe, Canada, Australia and the US.

CHAPTER 2 - Face Shape Guide

Brown Octagonal Sunglasses

So, you’re looking for the frames that are suits best for your face shape and complements your personality. You can first check it on your own by checking a variety of sunglasses frames at a physical optical store near you. You can ask them to show you the best frames they have according to your face shape and then you can try them to pick the one which is good and under your budget.
But, let us ask you one thing, does face shape really matters when choosing the sunglasses? Yes, it do matters, but if you find a pair of sunglasses that you liked the most, you should go for it regardless of thinking about the face shape or frame type. After all, your chioce comes first except anything else.
No matter what face shape you have, getting in touch with the best and reliable opticians in Ashram Road can help you provide with the most stylish and qualitative sunglasses.

What is the most attractive face shape?

Everyone has a unique personality and also a decent face that distinguish them from others. No face shape is super charming or attractive, it’s only how you carry your personality in front of others. By wearing the best-suited sunglasses that goes well with your face shape don’t create any difference until you don’t carry yourself perfectly. So, don’t bother for the face shape you have, you can find the best pair of sunglasses just by visiting the right opticians in your area.

CHAPTER 3 - Sunglasses for different face shapes

Brown Sunglasses

Before you settle on a specific frame and style of sunglasses, check your face shape. Usually, people cannot understand the shape of the face. To a large extent mis-information available from random online articles misleads a lot of people into misinterpreting their face shapes especially from point of view of selecting eyewear. Always follow your jaw-line. If the jawline is angular – forming an angle at the chin or on the sides of the face, pick more rounded sunglasses. If the jawline is rounder, pick more angular shapes.

By getting to know the most significant part of your face, that is seen outside the sunglasses, i.e. the jawline will help you decide which sunglass shape and style is the most suitable.

  • Sunglasses for Rounded Jawlines
  • Sunglasses for round face
  • What sunglasses suit chubby faces?
  • What are the best sunglasses for round-face females?
  • What are the best sunglasses for round-face males?
  • Are aviators good for round faces?
  • Sunglasses for Oval Face
  • What are the best sunglasses for oval face females?
  • What are the best sunglasses for oval face males?
  • Do cat-eye sunglasses suit oval faces?
  • Are round glasses good for an oval face?
  • Sunglasses for heart-shaped face
  • What are the best sunglasses for a heart-shaped male face
  • What are the best sunglasses for a heart-shaped female face
  • Can heart-shaped faces wear aviators?
  • Sungalsses for angluar jawlines
  • What are the best sunglasses for triangle face females?
  • What are the best sunglasses for triangle face males?
  • Sunglasses for square face
  • What are the best sunglasses for square face shape male
  • What are the best sunglasses for square face shape female
  • Do square sunglasses suit a square face?
  • Can square face wear cat-eye glasses?
  • Sunglasses for Diamond face
  • What are the best sunglasses for men with a diamond face shape
  • What are the best sunglasses for diamond face shape women
  • Do aviators look good on diamond faces?

Sunglasses for Rounded Jawlines

There are two face shapes that you can relate to with rounded jawlines:

  • Round Faces
  • Oval Faces
  • Heart-shaped Faces

Sunglasses for round face

Round face where the jawline arcs from the sides towards the chin in a rounded fashion. It is equally or almost as broad as it is long giving it a moon-like round appearance. There may be some chubbiness around the cheeks and under the jaw giving it a fuller appearance.

There is a lot of information available on the internet about the best-suited sunglasses for different face shapes. But knowing the best-suited sunglass shape for your round or chubby face makes it easier for you to choose a pair of sunglasses that are a good fit and complement the best features of your face.

It is also good to remember that face shapes are just a basic guide and most face shapes are not of one specific type. Therefore, keeping the face shapes as a guide, you can go in for the sunglass frames to make you look the best and highlight your facial features.

What sunglasses suit chubby faces?

When choosing sunglasses that will suit the best for chubby face, it is a good idea to select frames and styles that contrast to the person wearing them. For example, angular frames in bold colors or patterns best match an individual with a round or chubby face. On the other hand, square, browline, and hipster-style frames make a chubby face appear more structured and slimmer.

What are the best sunglasses for round-face females?

The best sunglasses for round-faced females, as mentioned previously, should be angular in shape and create an illusion of the woman’s face being elongated and slim. Keeping this in mind, it is a good idea to select from two-tone, retro-browline, vintage aviator, cat-eye, and rectangular frames so that they can make females with round faces appear slimmer and balanced. Butterfly and asymmetric new age shapes add an enigmatic element, breaking the monotony, giving a round face more options to choose from.

What are the best sunglasses for round-face males?

Buying sunglasses for round-faced males follow the similar rules as sunglass frames for round-faced women. However, the sharp edges of square frame sunglasses create a contrast to the roundness of the face. Therefore, wayfarers, D-frame, clubmaster, and square frames are best-suited for a round-faced male. Aviators and Navigator styles also work well. Sunglasses with rounded corners are also a good choice.

Are aviators good for round faces?

Aviators sunglasses are a good choice for round faces as they create the illusion of a square-shaped face. Also, square frames with rounded corners make a good alternative for people with round faces.

Sunglasses for Oval Face

The best sunglasses for any face shape is a mix of science and preferences. Oval faces have rounded jawlines but are slimmer and longer than round faces.

While choosing the most suited for your face, it is necessary to make sure that the natural features of your face are highlighted, and your personal preferences in sunglasses are also evident. For example, an oval face has a natural symmetry and a balanced appearance. Therefore, almost all sunglass frames worn by people having an oval face will look good.

A good point to remember is that choosing sunglass frames wider than your face could pull attention away from the natural features of your face and make it look unbalanced. The rule mentioned above can be followed when purchasing sunglasses for women or men.

What are the best sunglasses for oval face females?

The best sunglasses for oval face females are square, cat-eye, aviator, and rectangle. Square-shaped sunglasses provide a slimming effect on an oval face. Rectangle-shaped sunglasses help in making an oval face appear thinner and longer. Cat-eye and aviator sunglasses draw attention upwards to the forehead and high cheekbones.

What are the best sunglasses for oval face males?

Round and oval faces have a circular shape in common. However, because oval faces are longer than the breadth, any sunglass style will look good for people with oval faces. Aviator-style sunglasses for oval face males complements the face due to their reduced width. Round sunglasses create an illusion that the face is small, and square frame sunglasses make oval-faced males appear balanced.

Do cat-eye sunglasses suit oval faces?

Due to the equal proportions of an oval face, cat-eye sunglasses are considered the best match for oval faces. Also, the upswept outer edges, thickness at the temples, and the rounded lens shape create a slim, balanced, and natural look on an oval-shaped face. Oval faces can carry the more upturned, sharper edged and narrower cat eye frames very well.

Are round glasses good for an oval face?

An oval face is an ideal face shape as it is proportionate and balanced with a narrow forehead and chin and high cheekbones. Any sunglass shape will be a great fit for people with round faces, including round-shaped sunglasses, as these sunglasses create an appearance of balance when an oval face shape individual wears them. One should be watchful that if you have an oval face that is longer then round and oval sunglasses will give an appearance of fullness to your features. However, if you have a broader rounder face then oval sunglasses may look small and forced upon while round sunglasses may make the face look heavier.

Sunglasses for heart-shaped face

People with heart-shaped faces usually have a wide forehead that slims down to a narrow chin due to the high cheekbones and angular facial features. Scientifically, heart-shaped faces are the most pleasing and attractive face shapes. However, other people with heart-shaped faces have some roundness, while others resemble an upside-down triangle. Depending on which heart-shaped face you have, getting the best sunglasses for heart-shaped faces is not that hard.

What are the best sunglasses for a heart-shaped male face

The best sunglasses for a heart-shaped male face are round, aviator, wayfarer, browline frame sunglasses. Additionally, some other sunglasses suitable for heart-shaped male faces are retro-square and tortoiseshell sunglasses. All these mentioned sunglass frames make a heart-shaped face create a slimmer appearance.

What are the best sunglasses for a heart-shaped female face

The best sunglasses for heart-shaped female faces are cat-eye, aviators, browlines like wayfarers and clubmasters, rectangular, oval, and circular. Due to the versatility of heart-shaped faces, almost all sunglasses are suitable except for rimless frames.

Can heart-shaped faces wear aviators?

People with heart-shaped faces can wear aviator-style sunglasses. With their teardrop shape, aviator sunglasses flatten the chin and create a sense of balance and softness for the face. Also, avoid rimless aviators to draw attention to the chin.

Sungalsses for angluar jawlines

Two face shapes that you may identify with angular jawlines are

  • Triangle Shaped
  • Square Shaped
  • Diamond Shaped
  • Sunglasses for triangle face

A triangle-shaped face has a narrow forehead, wide cheekbones, broad jawline, and a flat chin. When choosing sunglasses for triangle-shaped faces, it is important to select round-shaped frames that aid in creating a softer appearance.

What are the best sunglasses for triangle face females?

The best sunglasses for triangle-faced females are cat-eye sunglasses that add some width and create an illusion of upwardly lifting the face. Aviators with brow bars, accents on the upper portion of the sunglass frames make a balanced look. Smaller round sunglasses and oval frame sunglasses make the lower half of the face appear smaller.

What are the best sunglasses for triangle face males?

The best sunglasses for triangle-faced males should be selected so that the attention is drawn upwards and balances out the broadness of the chin. Aviators, Clubmasters, and shield-style (one piece) sunglass frames are the best choice.

Sunglasses for square face

A square-shaped face has a strong horizontal browline, balanced cheekbones, and a broad forehead. Therefore, the range of sunglasses and frames that a person with a square-shaped face male can wear should soften anyone with square-shaped faces’ most prominent features.

What are the best sunglasses for square face shape male

The best sunglasses for square-shaped males come in a round or oval shape. Sunglasses with an oval or round shape help create a softer and balanced look. Other styles like aviators, oval, browline sunglasses, or any different sunglass frames with an oval or circular curve.

What are the best sunglasses for square face shape female

Most suitable sunglasses for a square-shaped female face are either round or oval. The main reason for choosing round or oval-shaped sunglasses is to make the sharper areas of a square-shaped face appear softer and more balanced. Round, cat-eye, aviator, browline, and oval are the best sunglass shapes for a square-shaped female face.

Do square sunglasses suit a square face?

People with square-shaped faces have a broad forehead, and the cheek remains in line with other features. Also, a square-shaped face has a strong jawline, which means that square sunglasses will not suit the person. Furthermore, due to the sharp features of a person with a square-shaped face, adding more angles will make the person’s face appear a little too wide and rigid.
Also, dark frames are a better option than light-colored frames for square-shaped faces as they will create some contrast for the square-shaped face.

Can square face wear cat-eye glasses?

People with square-shaped faces can wear cat-eye sunglasses. The reason why square-faced people can wear cat-eye-shaped sunglasses is that the upturned wings of cat-eye-shaped sunglasses help create softness in your features.

Sunglasses for Diamond face

Diamond shape faces are narrower at the top and bottom than the mid-section of the face. In addition, due to the narrow forehead and sharp chin, the cheekbones in a diamond-shaped face have the highest and widest part of the entire face. People with a diamond face shape have a tapered hairline. Therefore having an open mind while shopping for your next pair of sunglasses is a good choice.

What are the best sunglasses for men with a diamond face shape

A diamond face shape has a narrow forehead and chin, wide cheekbones, with sharp jawlines. The best sunglasses for diamond face shape males are oval or round frames, which help balance and soften the edges of males with a diamond face shape.

What are the best sunglasses for diamond face shape women

The most suitable sunglasses for diamond face-shaped females are cat-eye, rectangular, oval, or browline sunglasses. These sunglass frames help draw attention away from the sharpest points of a diamond face shape. Staying away from square-framed and choosing medium-sized or large-sized lenses that will help in making your cheekbones look more prominent.

Do aviators look good on diamond faces?

People with diamond-shaped faces look good with aviator sunglasses. However, before choosing aviator frames, it should be made sure that the frames of the aviator sunglasses are wide enough—such a design aids in providing a softer silhouette for diamond faces with prominent features.

CHAPTER 4 - Sunglasses Size Guide

Six Sunglasses

Before purchasing a pair of sunglasses that can suit your face shape, you need to measure your face. Getting to know the exact size of your face can make it easier for you to get the best-suited sunglasses for yourself. This chapter will learn about two ways to provide you with the exact measurements for your next pair of sunglasses.

People often choose sunglasses that might be too large or too small for their face by just following trends rather than taking something that looks appropriate for their faces.

Sometimes people have preconceived notions of wearing specific eye-rim sizes mentioned on the eyewear like 50 or 58. But this too is misleading. The eye size mentioned on the eyewear is no guarantee that it is appropriate for you. The eye size refers to the largest diameter of the lens.

The width of the eyewear is a more appropriate guide to the right size for you. This needs to be tried on physically and checked for adjustments possible by the optical technician at an optical shop.

This is probably a reason that fashion eyewear has not been very successfully sold online and there are frequent returns due to fitting issues. Hence, trying the eyewear physically, and checking if the eyewear stays in place even when you look downwards and shake your head a bit, will ensure that you have the right size of eyewear for you. Adjustments to achieve this criteria of fitting by the technician will ensure long term comfort for you.

How To Measure Sunglasses Size?

Although there are apps available online that allow you to measure the width of the eyewear required by comparing with the width of a credit card, the tech still needs some catching up to do to become accurate and useful to the end buyer. The ideal way would be to try out an eyewear at an optical shop and ask the technician to adjust the length of the temples such that it appropriately anchors the eyewear behind the ears. Then lower the neck downwards and shake head a bit. If the eyewear slips downwards, then it still need to be adjusted or is of incorrect size for you.

CHAPTER 5 - Different shapes of sunglasses

2 sunglasses
  • Wayfarers sunglasses
  • Aviator sunglasses
  • Square Sunglasses
  • Cat eyes Sunglasses
  • Oval Sunglasses
  • Oversized Sunglasses
  • Rectangle Sunglasses
  • Butterfly Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not just the sort of eyewear worn for style or fashion. They are also extremely helpful in reducing the chances of sun damage, dust, and heat. Additionally, wearing a pair of sunglasses means that you can comfortably do everyday activities like driving, walking, etc., due to reduced glare. Therefore, it is understandable that there are several different styles and shapes of sunglasses from which one can choose as per their face shape.

Wayfarers sunglasses


What is the meaning of wayfarer sunglasses

Wayfarer sunglasses were introduced in 1956 had a large upward curve towards the outer edge. Celebrities like James Dean, Bob Dylan, Marilyn Monroe, and many more made this style popular among general people. The wayfarer shape of sunglasses is quite popular due to its subtle curves, making it look fashionable and smart. Both men and women wear this style of sunglass frames.
The ongoing progress in lens and frame manufacturing technology allows the person to wear them without feeling that the weight of frames. In addition, these frames are available in multiple colors and shapes, which makes them quite accessible according to a person’s budget, taste, and face shape.

Why are Wayfarers so popular?

Wayfarer sunglasses are popular due to the timeless design that Ray-Ban created. Also, creating the wayfarer sunglasses helps protect the sun’s harmful UV rays. Due to the lenses’ polarization, wayfarers protect users from the glare caused by the sun. The best wayfarer sunglasses also protect your eyes from reflection from snow and glass.

Wayfarer Sunglasses Price Range

A wayfarer stye of sungalsses is available across price points and in brands across the spectrum. The price range for wayfarer sunglasses depends on the lens material and technology from which it has been made.

Aviator sunglasses


What Are Aviator Sunglasses

Bausch and Lomb developed aviator-style sunglasses in 1936 for pilots under the RayBan brand name to protect their eyes. These often have dark, reflective lenses and thin metal frames with double bridge. The earpieces are either bayonet-style or flexible cable temples behind the ears. Initially made popular by General Douglas MacArthur during World War 2, aviator sunglasses grew in favor with the general public and celebrities.

Aviator sunglasses suits with what face types?

Aviator sunglasses are majorly suitable for face shapes that are heart-shaped, oval-shaped, or square-faced. Those who are not sure about their face shape can try different aviators. Also, rectangular faces can give aviator sunglasses a miss.

Aviator Sunglasses Price Range

Aviator shaped sunglasses are available in most brand across price points that are affordable to exotic. . The price range differs due to the lens and frame materials used to create the aviator sunglasses. Some specialist brands make sunglasses from Titanium and hand crafted, limited edition eyewear from buffalo horn and wood, with top-of-the-line lenses. These characteristic eyewear for the discerning clientele can be quite premium priced.

Square Sunglasses


What are squared sunglasses?

As the name says, square-shaped sunglasses have a square lens in a square frame. These square-type sunglasses provide a sense of mystery, classical style, and versatility. Square-shaped sunglasses can work with almost all face shapes but suit round faces the best since it gives structure and angles to a person with a round face.


Square Sunglasses Price Range

Pricing for square-shaped sunglasses differs due to the lens and frame material used for the square-shaped sunglasses. Also, any other protective layers placed on the lens can account for the square-shaped lenses’ cost.
Round Sunglasses


What are Round Sunglasses?

Due to their unique shape, round sunglasses have been around for about 100 years. However, the popularity of round-shaped sunglasses has increased and decreased a lot. These sunglasses were made popular by celebrities like Bette Davis, Buster Keaton, and Marlene Dietrich. There are three different types of round glasses (panthos sunglasses, oversize round sunglasses, and small round sunglasses) from which you can choose the most suitable one for your face.


Round Sunglasses Price Range

Price points for round-shaped sunglasses depend on the frame and lens material used to create the round-shaped sunglasses. In addition, the finishes used to provide your eyes adequate protection from harmful sun rays also account for the price of the round-shaped sunglasses.


Cat eyes Sunglasses


What are cat-eye sunglasses?

Cat-eye sunglasses are the second oldest style of sunglasses that have been around since the early ’50s. This style of sunglasses is a perfect fit for almost all face shapes and has a distinct and yet easily recognizable style. With various modifications like black cat-eye sunglasses, mirrored cat-eye sunglasses, retro, and other modifications, cat-eye sunglasses have become a trendy pair of sunglasses to wear.


Cat-eye sunglasses price range

Cat-eye sunglasses’ price depends on the lens and frame material and the protective coatings placed on the lenses to prevent exposure to UVA and UVB rays.


Oval Sunglasses


What are Oval Sunglasses

Oval shape sunglasses are quite popular in remembrance of the ’90s inspired sunglasses. This style of sunglasses can either be oversized or smaller in size and was made more popular by celebrities like Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor. Wearing these oval-shaped sunglasses also provides a glamorous look to your wardrobe.


Who can wear oval sunglasses?

Almost all people can wear oval frames, especially people with square, oval, or triangle-shaped faces. Wearing this style of sunglasses creates a sense of contrast with angled jawlines and sharp facial features. In addition, oval frame sunglasses help make a balanced appearance on square or triangle-shaped faces. Also, oval faces can greatly benefit from oval sunglasses due to their versatility.


Oval Sunglasses price range

Factors that affect the oval sunglasses price range are the frame and lens materials and the coatings placed on the lenses to provide additional protection from external irritants and harmful light.


Oversized Sunglasses


What are Oversized sunglasses?

Oversized sunglasses were first brought to attention by Audrey Hepburn when it was worn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Later in the 1960’s Lady Jackie Kennedy also wore oversized sunglasses, and it became very popular. Wearing these sunglasses provides you with a sense of glamour, mystery, and visual balance. An added benefit of wearing oversized sunglasses for women is that they offer more coverage and reduce retina damage and skin issues.


Oversized Sunglasses price range

Oversized sunglasses have been in fashion since the ’70s. The oversized sunglasses price depends on the frame and lens material with which the oversized sunglasses have been made. Also, the coatings placed on the lenses of the oversized sunglasses affect the price range of oversized sunglasses.


Rectangle Sunglasses


What are rectangle sunglasses?

Rectangle sunglasses are a popular and common style of sunglasses introduced during the mid-1960s by a few of the most reputed Hollywood celebrities and became even more popular in the 1990s by Gen X. The rectangle-shaped sunglasses were considered starkly different from the round-shaped sunglasses worn by the older generation.


Rectangle Sunglasses price range

The price difference is due to the lens material and coatings placed. The price also factors the material used to create the frame of rectangle sunglasses.


Butterfly Sunglasses


What are butterfly sunglasses?

Butterfly sunglasses have frames shaped like a butterfly’s wings, although the shape and size can differ. The most common thing about all butterfly-shaped wings is that they are a little smaller towards the inner side of the frame. The butterfly sunglasses, first started by Mercura NYC in the 1990s, became popular in 2008 due to Prada’s ad campaigns and even more popular by Dolce and Gabbana in 2009.


Butterfly Sunglasses price range

Butterfly sunglasses’ price range can vary due to the lens material and the coatings on the lens—the lens coatings aid in protecting the eyes from external irritants and extreme light exposure. The cost of a pair of butterfly sunglasses also depends on the frame material being used for these sunglasses.

CHAPTER 6 - Types of Sunglasses Lenses

Three Different Sunglasses
  • Gradient Lenses
  • Polarized Lenses
  • Photochromic Lenses

Gradient Lenses


What are gradient lenses?

Gradient lenses are sunglasses that tinted lenses from the top so that the upper part of the lens has the darkest shade. These lenses provide sun protection and make you look stylish and classy. Also, the best part is that tinted lenses can be placed on any sunglass frame style.


What are double gradient lenses?

Double gradient lenses are darker on the top and bottom and lighter in the middle. These lenses are useful in eliminating glares from the sun, snow, and asphalt. Due to their adaptability, these lenses can be fitted into many sunglass frames.


Polarized Lenses


What do polarized lenses mean?

Polarized lenses are the best choice for people who are always involved in outdoor activities. Sunglasses with polarized lenses are a good choice for reducing glare, providing a clear vision, and protecting your eyes while doing outdoor activities involving water or snow.


Photochromic Lenses


What are photochromic lenses?

Photochromic lenses are a type of optical lens that appear like regular lenses but become dark in the presence of light or bright areas. Since specific molecules in the photochromic lenses are affected by ultraviolet rays from the sun, it can cause the clear lens to become dark.


Photochromic Lenses Pros and Cons

Photochromic lenses can adjust to lighting conditions on their own. But these types of lenses cannot filter out light when you are in a moving vehicle and need to have a pair of clip-on photochromic lenses. Due to their compatibility with anti-reflective coatings, they can be added to almost all lenses and designs. Some facts about photochromic lenses:

  • Photochromic lenses become dark when directly exposed to UV lights
  • So, they do not become dark inside a car. However, there are some specialized lenses from Transitions brand that become partially dark inside a car.
  • Photochromic lenses can become dark in overcast conditions if there is UV radiation in the atmosphere
  • Photochromic lenses can become dark under artificial UV light sources like UV lamps for mosquitoes, metal halide lights.

CHAPTER 7 - Sunglasses for different hair color

Pink Aviator Sunglasses

What color glasses suit with dark hair?

Dark-haired individuals can choose from a wide variety of sunglass colors. Blue, pink, or purple sunglasses can match dark hair with cool tones. Dark hair with warm tones can choose from black, blues, and pink shades for sunglasses.

What color sunglasses go with red hair?

People with red hair can choose sunglasses from a wide range of colors and shades. Sunglasses in green color are extremely suitable. Additionally, there are some very good styles in basic colors like black and white that can go well with red hair.

What color sunglasses look best with brown hair?

Brown hair with warm undertones can pair very well with earthy colors like green, red, and gold, as well as tortoiseshell patterns. Brown hair with cool undertones looks good with black, pink, blue-colored sunglasses. Also, cooler shades of brown, beige, and dark tortoise shell patterns are good for brown hair.

When choosing the best-suited pair of sunglasses, it is not only important to keep in mind that frame style and shape are important, but it is also necessary to keep in mind your skin and hair color. If your sunglasses match your skin’s undertones, they are good to go. However, hair color is more difficult to match since it varies with undertones. When it comes to hair color, finding the perfect balance might seem difficult, but it is not.


What color sunglasses suits with black hair?

Dark hair shades do not need to think about undertones as a statement color will draw attention towards your shades. Pastel shades will not be that prominent. However, wearing bright colors like primary, rich blue shades, and white can help make the statement you are looking for.

What sunglasses go with blonde hair?

Blonde hair goes well with dark shades since the contrast provides a better appearance. Light or blonde hair with cool undertones matches gray and blue shades well. At the same time, blonde hair with warm undertones will look great with dark green or rich red shades in sunglasses.

What sunglasses look best on grey hair?

In the same way as black hair, grey and white hair can match very well with colorful shades like bright red or purple. However, if necessary, choose neutral shades like black, grey, or white as beige or brown colored frames can make your features looks washed out.

These are just recommendations based on experience. However, with the variety of color shades that are possible today, someone with brown hair might just find a shade of black or dark grey that may complement him or her. At the same time someone with grey hair can easily find a bright shade that will beautifully complement her appreance.

CHAPTER 8 - Sunglasses for different skin tones


Which shade is best for cool skin

People with cool skin tones can choose from green, purple, blue, silver, or pink colors for frame colors, and lens colors can be chosen from blue, silver, or pink. Tortoiseshell frames in sunglasses are also a good choice and do not make you look pale or washed out.


Which shade looks best on fair skin

People with fair skin will look great with sunglasses in red, orange, green, yellow, blue, and many other similar shades. Sunglasses in the shades will make the person appear more fashionable and improve the appeal of their skin tone.


What color sunglasses suit the wheatish skin tone

People with a wheatish skin tone can choose from any color of sunglasses. These can range from dark-colored shades to bright tints and almost all types of frames and lens. However, darker shades like brown, deep blue, purple, dark red, black, and brown are the best choice.


What color sunglasses suit dark skin?

People with dark skin should not go for deeper shades of brighter hues as it might draw too much attention to your face. On the other hand, light-colored frames and lenses help highlight the best features of your face and accentuate your appearance even more.

Getting to know your skin tone is the most important factor to consider when choosing a new pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses that have a complementary color to your skin tone and color are a better choice. For example, warm skin tones usually have green or yellow undertones that go well with shades of beige, gold, brown, red, orange, off-white pink, etc., whereas cool skin tones have a blue or pink undertone which goes well with gray, pink, purple, blue, black and many others. Additionally, tortoiseshell can go for both skin tones very well.


What color sunglasses look best on warm skin tones?

Sunglasses for warm skin tones look good with red, orange, brown, yellow, or golden frames. Also, choosing fiery colors or some shade of brown for the sunglass lenses is a perfect fit for people with warm-toned skin and eyes.

How would you decide if your skin color is warm or cold?

Without getting too technical, simply check what color of jewelry you like to see on yourselves more: Gold, rose gold, in shades of gold or platinum, silver, diamond in white gold. In case you prefer jewellry in shades of gold, rose gold or yellow metal then you should consider eyewear that compliments warm skin tones. If you prefer jewelry and accessories in shades of platinum, silver or white metal then you will find eyewear in shades that compliment cool skin tones more appealing.

However, trying crossover tones, like bright shades recommended for warm skin on cooler skin tones and vice versa can create striking statement appearances that get noticed and appreciated.

CHAPTER 9 - How to Buy Sunglasses?

Three Different Sunglasses

Best place to buy sunglasses

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