Our wide range of sunglasses spans the most iconic brands as well as more pocket-friendly options. We also carry exclusive in-house collections. Our experts are renowned for their knowledge and passion for helping you find your new favorite pair.To get started, drop by or call to schedule an appointment with one of our experts. We take extreme safety precautions at all our outlets and carry out extensive sanitization.

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Buy Sunglasses From R Kumar Opticians To Bring Style​

Sunglasses have become an essential style accessory in today’s fashion-conscious times. No matter what the occasion or season, people love to make a style statement among the crowd by flaunting their latest shades. Apart from giving you a trendy and stylish look, shades work as a protective shield between your eyes and harmful UV rays. Also, you can consider sunglasses as the best safeguarding accessory, protecting the eyes from dust and pollution.

Sunglasses are available in different shapes, sizes, designs, and shades, making their prominence among different groups, including celebrities, politicians, military majors, and common people. The best part is, top brands such as Ray-Ban, Fastrack, IDEE, etc., are coming up with the best and cost-effective sunglasses helping people meet their fashion needs.

If you are looking to buy sunglasses from reliable and the best sources, R Kumar Opticians is the one-stop shop to proceed with. You’ll find the best quality sunglasses at our showroom at highly affordable prices. Along with that, you’ll be facilitated with a variety of styles and sunglasses frames to style up your personality.


Choose The Right Sunglasses Frames From R Kumar Opticians

Selecting a pair of sunglasses that suits best for you is quite an interesting task and can be done by clarifying a few queries. To get the right sunglasses frame for your face, you have to follow the below steps:

  • Select the category of Sunglasses
  • Select the styles’s for Men’s or Women’s or Unisex
  • Identify your jawline contour
  • Select the frame shapes based on Round, Wayfarers, Aviators, Cat-eyes, Rectangles, Clubmasters, etc.
  • Identify & select the face size i.e., Narrow, Medium, and Wide
  • Choose among the occasions – Casual or Partywear
  • Select the frame colors – Cool frame tone

Besides, keeping the above factors in mind, you also have to learn that the key to finding the right frames is to remember the rule, i.e., “Opposites Attract.” This means you should always choose sunglasses shades that contrast your facial contours and bring symmetry to your prominent facial features. At R Kumar Opticians, you have access to try hundreds of sunglasses frames to check which style complements your face and overall appearance.

After choosing the right frames, it’s time to dive deep, knowing the types of sunglasses and their benefits to wearers.


5 Different Sunglasses

Types of Stylish Sunglasses

There are different types of sunglasses (aka shades) available in the market to suit everyone’s face shape, style and budget. Among the available ones, wayfarers, aviators, round, rectangle, cat-eye are a few to name. Apart from these common sunglasses frames, square, oval, and heart-shaped sunglasses are also available for those who love trying trendy eyewear to style their overall look.

Let’s take a glimpse at unique sunglasses R Kumar Opticians have in store:

Pilot/Aviator Sunglasses

Aviators in sunglasses have a unique teardrop shape that specifically comes in the metal frame. These frames are popular ones and suit almost all types of face shapes. In addition, people love these frames due to their go-to-classic style that goes well with every attire and complements one’s personality.

Navigator Sunglasses

Known as the close cousin of aviators, navigator sunglasses shades have also gained immense prominence across the eyewear industry. But there’s a slight difference between these two frames as navigators are squared frames with a double bar instead of a teardrop shape, giving the entire range a stylish yet classical look.

Wayfarer Sunglasses

Wayfarer sunglasses are famous for their wide signature frames that are designed with distinctive trapezoidal shapes. If you buy sunglasses for a modern and versatile look, wayfarer sunglasses are the classiest option to go with.

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Cat eye sunglasses are the quintessential feminine sunglasses that are trending these days. Truth be told, these have never gone out of style. These stylish sunglasses add a touch of charisma and charm when worn with any outfit, making the wearer ready to hang around with friends at parties.

Round Sunglasses

If you’re searching for cool and quirky sunglasses frames, round sunglasses make the best style statement for anyone. Wearing these frames add a touch of originality to your personality and helps you stand out from the crowd. Above all, round sunglasses are the most famous frames that people of almost every age love and admire.

Clubmaster Sunglasses

Clubmaster sunglasses shades provide an irresistible appeal to the wearer due to their unique vintage vibes and timeless looks. Whether you want to buy sunglasses for a party, vacation, or casual event, these sunglasses make the perfect pair with any attire you wear.

Square Sunglasses

Square-designed sunglasses frames are the perfect choice if you want to hide or balance your face’s rounded jawline or put effort into giving an angular look to your round face.

Rectangular Sunglasses

Rectangular sunglasses are always in trend, offering versatility and classic style to the wearer. People who wear rectangular glasses influence others by their personality. The best part about rectangular sunglasses is that they suit every face shape and work exceptionally well for those having round faces. If you have a round face shape, you should try on rectangular sunglasses as they will add structure and anglers to your face.

Wraparound Sunglasses

When you buy wraparound sunglasses shades, you’re choosing a perfect pair of sunglasses for sport and one that gives all-around greater protection from dust, airborne particles, and harmful UV rays. People who love jogging, cycling, and other athletic activities can wear these sunglasses for better peripheral vision through sunglasses R Kumar Opticians is the right place for choosing your pair of eyewear. We have got specialization in carrying out customers specifications very efficiently. Also, you can count on us for professionalism, timeliness, and quality in all our eyewear products.

Take A Glimpse At Our Well-Assorted Collection of Day And Night Sunglasses

There is an increasing interest in day and night sunglasses.  This probably in itself is an antithesis as sunglasses are predominantly to be used for limiting exposure to sunlight.  However, traditionally we have had the photo-chromatic technology that serves the dual purpose of being used for both indoors and in the sun. 


Photo-chromatic lenses become dark on being exposed to the sun’s light directly.  Conventional photochromatic lenses become clear indoors and come in basic grey and brown color options only.  However, some forward-looking sunglasses companies like RayBan now have lenses that have a light playful tint like a yellow, pink, or orange indoors and become dark in the sun. Additionally, brands like Transitions specialize in plastic photochromatic lenses that come in 7 different color options.  

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Why Choose R Kumar Opticians
To Buy Your Pair Of Sunglasses?

Decades of Experience

We have been in the eyewear industry for more than 60 years, offering the best-in-class and luxury sunglasses in different shapes, sizes, and styles that meet individuals' fashion needs.

State-of-the-art Eyewear Outlets

We have set up 5 high-tech showrooms that are well equipped with inventories of the world’s leading sunglass-specialist brands like RayBan, Maui Jim, Oakley, more than 50 top Designer Brands like Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Gucci, etc. to Luxury labels like Cartier, Chrome hearts, Dita, Maybach, etc. We curate from over three collections a year in each of these brands to bring to our clients the very latest in sunglasses in terms of fashion, style, trends, and technology.

Trained Optometrists

R Kumar staffed well-versed Optometrists who take complete responsibility to provide appropriate treatment for your eyes. They also help you select the best eyewear and eye frames that can be made in prescription (spectacle powers) without compromising on your vision. So, you don't have to feel left out in style if you have spectacles.

Party Sunglasses

This is another emerging, probably the fastest emerging trend in Sunglasses.  These are light-colored sunglasses in hues of yellow, orange, pink, blue, green, violet, and more.  Being light in color, they can be worn indoors, even at night.  Of course, they do not cut out the sun glare as efficiently as dark sunglasses, but if your lifestyle permits, you can use them all day.  These have become very popular among the glamourous and partying set of people.  Hollywood celebrities like Robert Downy Jr., Johnny Depp, etc have led this trend for years now.

Black Round Shades

Buy Sunglasses From R Kumar Opticians To Bring Style ​

Sunglasses have become an essential style accessory in today's fashion......

2 Different Type of Sunglasses

Choose The Right Sunglasses Frames From R Kumar Opticians

There are different type of sunglasses shades available in the market to suit everyone's...

Spectacles on mac

Types of Stylish Sunglasses

There is an increasing interest in day and night sunglasses...

Blue Sunglasses

Take A Glimpse At Our Well-Assorted Collection of Day And Night Sunglasses

This is another emerging, probably the fastest emerging in sunglasses...

Girl With Round Sunglasses

Why Choose R Kumar Opticians To Buy Your Pair of Sunglasses?

There is an increasing interest in day and night sunglasses...


Party Sunglasses

We have been in the eyewear industry for more than 60 year, offering...



How to measure sunglasses size?​

Eyewear size is a huge question that unfortunately, the industry does not have a concrete answer for. The traditional sizes mentioned in the eyewear are more of a technical reference to specifications that are not always relevant to the client. They do not offer a specific indication of what face size the eyewear will fit. If you have no idea about the size of your sunglasses, you can take the current frame size for your reference. However, measuring the frame size can be quite easy if you can measure the width of your existing eyewear. You can go 2-3 mm wider or narrower than that to accommodate more variety for yourself. However, if you visit our showrooms, you can physically try each piece of eyewear and check out how it fits you. Our expert technicians can customize the fit for you as well, so your eyewear gives you the most comfortable experience.


How to remove scratches from sunglasses?

Modern-day sunglass lenses are mostly made of plastic and even if made of glass, most have special treatments and coatings that add to features of the lenses and the aesthetics of the eyewear. IT is not possible to remove scratches from them. Using chemicals and products that are not recommended by the eyewear manufacturers can cause more damage to the lenses than doing any good. Some manufacturers offer additional lenses that can be ordered at a cost to change. That way you can restore your eyewear. In general, taking good care of eyewear is the only way to ensure longevity of your sunglasses.


Are Goggles, Sunglasses, and Shades Same?

Sunglasses and goggles are generally called shades. These are elegantly designed protective eyewear that helps users prevent eyes from bright light. Also, users prefer this eyewear to protect their eyes from getting damaged or discomfort. Technically, goggles are supposed to be protective eyewear for specific purposes like skiing, or jobs like welding, etc. However, the word goggles are often used in common parlance for sunglasses too.


What is UV protection sunglasses?

Good, branded eyewear is supposed to incorporate protection from ultra-violet radiation. The letters UV stands for ultra-violet. These are rays that are part of the sun’s radiation and are known to cause harm to the eye and skin. Hence, UV protection is desirable in all eyewear. The eyewear industry, realizing the importance of UV protection, has been striving over the years to make UV protection a standard feature so that our clients don’t have to check for it all the time. Wearing UV protective sunglasses provides comfort to the eyes and ensures protection from different long-term and short-term eye ailments.