Wearing spectacles is emerging as much a modern day need as a style statement in itself.  Once thought to be the need of only those who had poor vision, the increasing use of digital devices has made spectacles a necessity for even those not requiring prescription glasses to use as plain protection.  At the same time almost every designer, fashion and luxury brand has forayed into eyewear expanding the variety of styles available for eyewear customers.  Which also means, one may feel the need to try out as many eyeglass frames before zeroing down on the one that best suits one’s face shape and one’s personality.

So, if you are out to choose a pair of spectacle frames, the wide range of eyewear styles and spectacle frames might be overwhelming for you. However, R. Kumar Opticians gives you enough information to choose the best eyeglass frames for your face.

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Latest Eyeglass frames in trend

R.Kumar Opticians works to provide various types of eyeglasses and eyeglass frames according to the needs and requirements of their customers. The company also taps into the latest trends and collections by different brands that are featured or worn by popular celebrities. Many of the best eyeglass frames in India are a mix of both timelessness, novelty, and statement-making.

The year 2021 has been a landmark year in increasing the number of new spectacle users.  The shift of work, businesses, school and education from home and on digital devices has created a new category of spectacle users requiring eyeglasses correction for previously unnoticed prescription (spectacle numbers), fatigue and eye-strain relieving spectacles and spectacles to filter blue light.

Buy A Wide Assortment of Spectacle Frames From R. Kumar Opticians

In this section, you will be able to know about the various cool spectacle frames that are in vogue internationally and available at R. Kumar Opticians. While going through the types of spectacles, a few are good spectacle frames for men, and other best spectacle frames are suitable for women. Reading this might help you focus on the specific types that might be suitable according to your style.



Polygonal frames in hexagons and octagons are very popular these days.  They give an enigmatic look of quirky sophistication.  These are great for small faces as they make the face look longer.  They also work great for rounded faces as they make the face look slimmer.  The uniqueness itself has a flaunt factor.  The very latest variation in polygonal shapes is the top rim shaped like a hexagon and bottom rim shaped like a round.

Discover How Spectacle Frames With
Different Materials Can Make A Difference

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In current times, there are a variety of materials from which optical frames are made. These are made with the help of machines that can create a unique look for people who need to wear eyeglasses for better vision.  A few of the most popular materials along with their advantages are mentioned below.

  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Other Materials
  • Combination Frames




These are frames made out of cellulose acetate. The material is derived from fibres of wood pulp or cotton. It is highly adjustable and available in a great variety of colors. The surface can be treated to various finishes like glassy, matte, etc. It is a perennial favourite of manufacturers and spectacle wearers. Since the material is majorly derived from natural fibres, spectacle frames made from acetate are extremely comfortable to wear. Acetate frames can even take very heavy and high powered thick lenses. These are extremely durable. Some of the most iconic eyewear styles like wayfarers are crafted in acetate.

White Glasses

Injection molded

This is a relatively newer technology that is used to manufacture light-weight plastic frames. These are especially favored by people who want thinner rims (profiles) of frames in plastic. Injection molded plastic can be colored to any color and hence is very popular to manufacture fashionable frames. These frames broaden the creativity and variety in options available. The light-weight is an added advantage for all day comfortable use. However, these are not suitable for glass lenses and very thick or high powered lenses.


3D printed frames

This is the latest in eyewear manufacturing technology. Most of these frames are manufactured using cutting edge 3D printing technology to make frames in polyamide and nylon. These are highly pliable and durable frames. The technology is still expensive but it allows customization of frame sizes and colors.


A variety of metals are used to manufacture spectacle frames.

Seven Different Glasses


A popular material in manufacturing metal rimmed spectacle frames is copper based alloy with nickel and smaller quantities of iron, manganese, carbon and silicon. It can be easily given shape and is adjustable. It is very widely used. However, with some skin and perspiration types, the metal may react to form green and white deposits. If you know of having had these kinds of allergic reactions in the past, make sure you warn the optician while selecting the frame so you are offered frames with hypo-allergenic material

Big Sunglasses


This is a niche material used by very specialised manufacturers to make light-weight durable frames. Some specialised frames can be made with a flat metal look and without the need of screws making them almost maintenance free to use.

Round Sunglasses

Sterling Silver

Very rarely used, mostly for embellishments, sterling silver frames are used in some high-end luxury eyewear to enhance the rich look.

Aviator Spectacles


Titanium is a very strong, hypo-allergenic and lightweight material. It is used to make thin wired frames. These days bolder rims are also made. Since, this is among the lightest materials, even heavy looking frames can be extremely lightweight in this material. It is hypo-allergenic and suitable for people who are known to have allergies with normal metal. IT needs specialised craftsmanship and is difficult to repair. But such a case is a rarity as most titanium frames are very durable and strong.



Spectacles made of gold are often sought after for those seeking to wear eyewear of pure materials. Different jewellery and luxury brands make eyewear of solid gold for the discerning clientele.

Other Materials

Sunglasses Kept on wood


This is an exotic variety and sought after by customers with taste and liking for wood. It is brittle. It has to be treated to resist perspiration. Specialized luxury manufacturers apply a variety of colors and texture to give it a look that is not attainable in mass-market products. Using natural wood means that each piece is unique in its coloration.

Brown Shades


Horn of certain animals, especially buffalo and bull are used to make eyewear for the very discerning elitist eyewear by luxury brands. It is a rare material, harnessed and sourced in limited quantities. Hence, the exclusivity adds to its allure and value. It is a difficult material to adjust. The natural lustre has a charm of its own. The horn needs waxing at regular intervals to maintain its color and moisture. Like the wood, each piece of horn eyewear is a unique color.

Blue Shades

Combination Frames

These frames were initially popular during the 1950’s and 1960’s and have made a return to the current times with a vast array of colours and styles as compared to the classic models previously available. Combination frames are made of metallic and plastic rims to make distinctive styles like the Clubmaster style. These can be combinations of any of the materials mentioned above in respective categories.

Stylish Spectacles

Choosing the best frames according to face shape

If you search the internet you will find very generic advice according to 5-6 different face shapes.  It is often difficult to judge if your face shape is round or oval.  Hence, most of the advice seems of little value.  The more effective way of judging the best frame shape for your  face is by identifying the shape of your jawline.  This is a more professional way followed by stylists. To be more certain only regard the shape of the jaw. If it is rounded then go for frames with angles like square frames or specifically for women cat-eyes with sharp edges.  If the jawline is more square or angular then prefer rounded frames.

Aviators are a universal shape that work for most face shapes.

Anti-glare spectacles:

The word anti-glare is a misnomer; i.e. it is wrongly used in most places.  The correct word is anti-reflective spectacles.

These are specially treated spectacle lenses that reduce the reflection of light from the lens surface and internally from the lens.  This allows more light to pass through this making spectacles more transparent.  These are cosmetically better looking. Also they help better contrast vision especially in high powered spectacles. These days a majority of spectacles are with anti-reflective.


Blue-light protection spectacles:

These are spectacles with specialised lenses that reduce the amount of low wavelength, high energy blue light from LED lights and displays as well as digital devices like mobile phones, laptops, computers, tablets, etc.  Experts recommend these for added protection in today’s active, digital lifestyle

Day and Night Spectacles

Day and night eyeglasses can adapt to all kinds of lighting situations quickly. Photochromic spectacles adjust themselves to the level of light with the help of UV rays, which means they can go dark or light as per the light conditions around you. The benefits for day and night spectacles are as follows:
  1. Available in more than one color
  2. It eliminates the need for two different spectacles when out and about
  3. They are available for a significant amount of prescriptions
  1. Can adapt to environmental light changes
  2. Greater comfort due to the reduced glare and eyestrain
  3. Absorbs almost all the UVA and UVB rays
One Word of Caution: photochromic lenses do not become dark inside a car and need direct UV light in the surrounding to activate the darkening process. At R. Kumar Opticians, the ECP can help you choose the best type of day and night spectacles according to your face shape, needs, and requirements as per your job.
Three Different Style Shades

Best Eyeglass Frames Brands

The best eyeglass frame brands worn almost all year round are some of the most popular brands worldwide. These brands provide authentic eyeglasses, sunglasses, and frames and give you many options for shapes and styles for men, women, and children. 


British luxury fashion house from London has its reach worldwide with fragrance lines, clothing lines, and accessories. The group has now also been in the business of creating quality eyewear for its customers.


The fashion house created by Sotirios Voulgaris in 1884 is the most renowned eyewear brand worldwide, providing exclusive products for its customers worldwide.

Calvin Klein

Launched in 1968 by Calvin Richard Klein, the brand has created many exclusive products through its clothing, perfume, watches and jewelry line, and many more. In addition, the company has created all kinds of frames and designs for its customers in eyewear.

Emporio Armani

The luxury house founded in 1975 has also delved into the field of eyewear for their customers worldwide. All of the brands mentioned above are considered to be the best spectacles brand. So, if you are looking for stylish eyeglasses at a reasonable price, walk into R Kumar Opticians for your first pair of eyeglasses from any of the various brands. At R Kumar Opticians you can find cheap spectacle frames as well as expensive spectacle frames according to your budget and preferences.


Are spectacles and eyeglasses the same?

The words spectacles and eyeglasses are the same as both describe eyewear that is useful in helping you see better, especially when it comes to seeing at a distance. There are a lot of frames and styles for you to choose from and wear for everyday purposes.

How to clean eyeglasses?

Follow the mentioned steps to clean eyeglasses:

  1. Clean your hands
  2. Wash eyeglasses under lukewarm water
  3. Wipe eyeglasses with cleaning liquid
  4. Ensure cleaning of nose pads and hinges
  5. Wipe eyeglasses to eliminate smudges and streaks

It is better to go to a reliable optical shop to get your eyeglasses cleaned. For reference, visit the nearest branch of R. Kumar Opticians so that you can get the best pair of eyeglasses with help of the well-trained staff who can guide you at every step of your purchase and eyewear maintenance.

Is it ok to wear non-prescription glasses?

Wearing a pair of non-prescription glasses is completely fine as it will not affect your vision. It is similar to looking through a transparent window that might be even better if any coatings are on it. Long hours of exposure to blue light also means that you need to wear non prescription glasses. Checking for practicality and comfort are the two most important factors while choosing non prescription glasses. The nearest R Kumar Opticians showroom can help you find the trendiest glasses and spectacle frames.